A welcome of command

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 1:47am by Lieutenant Commander Skylar "Skye" Whitman & Commander Zemta Kriv

Mission: Episode 1 - A Home of Their Own
Location: Ready Room

Kriv has come aboard early to savor the 'new ship smell' the ship had before they beat her up. He had been pulled out of his musings by the computer alerting him to his XO coming aboard. "Please let her know I want to see her in my ready room."

Skye stepped down from the transporter pad and took a deep breath. The young Lieutenant Commander felt a bit out of place in the red colored uniform, but that was just something she was going to have to get used to.

"Sir," The transporter chief started, "Commander Zemta would like to see you in his Ready Room."

"Of course," She muttered under her breath before giving a nod. Only moments later was she standing outside of the office to the Commander where she would drop the bag onto the deck. Skye reached up and pressed the chime and awaited permission to enter.

"Come!" Kriv called, turning around to face the door instead of the viewport.

Skye heard the voice and crossed through the threshold inside of the Ready Room. Almost as soon as she entered she spun around and nodded, "Sir," She responded calmly.

"Welcome aboard, Commander." He said, holding a hand out for a shake. His left hand had a thick burn scar visible.

She smiled and took the hand before shaking it and releasing her grip. "Thank you sir." She looked around for a moment, "So the Delta Quadrant?" She asked with a glint of anxiousness in her eye.

Kriv smirked, "Definitely. That's why we were given a Sovereign. Diplomatic facilities, allowing for first contact."

If Skye could pretend even for a moment to hide the pure joy that she felt from the knowledge that they were going into unknown territory for her as an officer it would be an obvious failure on her part. She allowed a grin to present itself, "First contact with new species..."

Her voice seemed to drift away for a brief moment as she dug around in her pocket and located her orders. Skye placed them down on the desk in front of the Commander, "One of the founding principles of the Federation and Starfleet." She said with instant excitement locked within the tone of her voice.

Kriv signed off on the orders without reading them, nodding excitedly. "And our names will be going down in history with the name of the ship."

Skye had never really considered herself one of the greats like those who had came before her. But, nevertheless she was certainly looking forward to the adventure that lay out ahead. She placed the PADD back inside of her pocket, "When are we to depart sir?"

"In 4 days. We're set to gain the rest of our crew in the next few days and then set out for the great unknown."

She nodded, "I understand," She said and pointed over her shoulder, "I suppose I should probably go unpack in my quarters unless there's something else that you need from me sir?"

"Nothing else, Commander. Dismissed."

Skylar nodded, "Yes sir." She said and briefly stood at attention before leaving the Captain's Ready Room. She allowed a smile to appear across her features as she crossed the bridge of the ship.