[SD 239302.26] "A New Ship and A New Home"

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2019 @ 5:26am by Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor Daughter of House Krug

Mission: Episode 1 - A Home of Their Own
Location: Her Quarters/Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission 1 S1 Day 0


E'Lor exited her shuttle and stopped for a brief moment. It felt good to stretch her legs as a shuttle for a Klingon was rather small and cramped. Looking about, she picked up her shoulder bag and headed for the airlock where the USS Emar was docked. It was no shock to her to see so many different species here, being how it was a base of operations. Finally seeing the loading ramp for her new home, she briskly walked up it and on to the Emar.

The Emar smelled of a new ship, HER ship. Oh sure it was not technically her's but she was the Chief Engineering Officer and for her, it was her ship. Ever since she became an enginer, she always thought of the engine room being hers and she treated it as such. E'Lor chuckled as she remembered yelling at her CO for over taxing her engines. She nearly got put in the brig on that occasion.

Quickly finding her way to her quarters, she set down her shoulder bag and out walked Sky, squawking loudly. Flying around to stretch his wings, E"Lor tapped her gloved hand and he flew to it and sat there. "This is our new home, and you must behave. Your cage is coming and it is there that you will stay. Until I get accustomed to this ship you are not allowed to come with me to work", she said to the bird.

Taking her bat'leth's, she hung them on one wall while on the other she put her tiosks. The banner of the House Kilrah, she hung on the wall behind her work station while she put the pictures of her parents on the dresser. Her quarters were modest and simple. She checked the replicator and saw that it did not know how to make certain klingon dishes she wanted so she input the recipes and replicated the dishes and ate. Sky enjoyed targh meat so that too was replicated although she would ask the captain if she could have fresh targh meat delivered once in a while.

Having finished eating, she headed for engineering to see what it looked like. Her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Someone had pulled the dilithium crystal chamber out and left it un attended, there were tools all over the deck, and several youngsters playing with isolinear chips. In one corner she saw two engineers hovering over the junction of the bio neural gel packs to the ODN conduit talking. The more she saw the angrier she got. Suddenly she could take no more, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF KAHLESS IS GOING ON HERE!!!", she bellowed. That got the entire departments attention so fast you could hear a pin drop! "I come in here expecting to find a engineering section running smoothly and what do I find? Total CHAOS! You have 30 minutes to get this e gine room in order for an inspection. Is that clear?", she yelled.

"Um.....and just who are you sir to order us like this", said a young ensign.

That is the worst thing to do to E'Lor, question her. "I AM YOUR CHIEF ENGINEERING OFFICER, in other words Your BOSS!", she yelled. The engine room erupted in to a flury of pandemonium, people running hete and there trying to get their shit straight for E'Lor.

=========30Minutes Later=========

E'Lor strode from her office into main engineering. It was organized, clean, and there were two rows of engineers standing side by side waiting for her. "Well, this is more like it. While you are working with me here you will learn that I don't tolerate bull shit, laziness, or stupidity. You are here to keep this ship in prime working condition. If you have a problem take it up with the Assistant CEO. If that doesn't work then you come to me. Is that undetstood?", she said calmly.

In unison you heard, "Yes sir, understood sir".

"Good dismissed", she said. E'Lor didn't mean to be hard but sometimes you need to in order to establish a good working relationship.


Lt. Cmdr. E'Lor Tabor House of Krug
Chief Engineering Officer
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